We live in a connected global neighborhood.

When Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. uttered these words he was merely talking about how amazing it was that in his day people were able to eat breakfast in New York City and supper in London England, as compared to 1753 when it took three days to go from New York City to Washington. He could have never imagined that within 50 years after saying those words we could place a video conference call halfway across the world, see and talk to each other in real time.

Today we live in a connected global neighborhood where the pace of change is happening at a dizzying rate of speed, and to thrive and make sense of this world we need to constantly update our knowledge and skills well past our K-12 and higher education years.

 Today’s digital natives want and expect technology to be used both as a means of teaching and learnings. We are already at the point where anyone with a decent computer a high-speed Internet connection and expertise in a topic or skill can reach a global audience in very sophisticated ways.

The focus on education has become more intense than at any point in our history. There is widespread consensus that we need to better prepare people for the world we now live in. We need to help those who have fallen behind gain new knowledge and skills.

If you are a K-12 or higher learning teacher, corporate trainer or professional development, maybe you are a passionate hobbyist that has knowledge and skills that you feel may be helpful to others.

ECCO Learning provides online education for those wishing to join the e-learning revolution that has become so commonplace in our society. 

KeytSutuapsFriday, April 17, 2020   9:11:37 PM

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