Embrace blended learning for more effective use of class time.

Blended learning is the combination of e-learning and classroom delivery. There may be some aspects of in class learning that lend themselves more too e-learning. For example a lecture explaining the history of the Civil War or a complex scientific formula may take a few class meeting, but in an online course it may take only 30 or 40 minutes. By assigning outside videos from popular websites like YouTube, Khan Academy or Ted talk’s students have access to e-learning content anywhere, anytime.  Not only will it take less time but it could even be more effective.

Students study these lessons outside of class. Inside the classroom students engage in active learning activities that are designed to test the comprehension of the online lessons. This allows teachers more time for one-on-one help and encourages students to collaborate and problem solve.

An online course provides students with direct access to the knowledge and the teacher serves as coach, mentor and guide. Blended learning helps teachers and students make the most of their time and efforts.