The real case for flipping the classroom

The relentless focus on standardized testing in our schools has diminished the opportunities for teachers to expose students to a diverse and rich array of content and context representative of the type of world they will soon be thrust into. The obsession with standardized testing is nothing mor... Read More

We live in a connected global neighborhood.

When Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. uttered these words he was merely talking about how amazing it was that in his day people were able to eat breakfast in New York City and supper in London England, as compared to 1753 when it took three days to go from New York City to Washington. He could have nev... Read More

Are We Failing Education Technology?

After beginning to use online tech applications in your classroom, you might ask a few questions…

  • Is this really going to help my students?
  • Am I just doing the same things I was doing on paper, on a computer now?
  • Is this the future?
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Successful E-learning By Design

For the teaching and training professional looking to develop engaging and interactive e-learning opportunities, times have never been better. Technology tools have grown more sophisticated but they’re only as successful as the professionals using them. Expectations have never been higher for pro... Read More

Embrace blended learning for more effective use of clas...

Blended learning is the combination of e-learning and classroom delivery. There may be some aspects of in class learning that lend themselves more too e-learning. For example a lecture explaining the history of the Civil War or a complex scientific formula may take a few class meeting, but in an ... Read More



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